A rather creative duo known as Panini Cheapskates, Alex and Sian Pratchett, have been utilising their spare time pretty well, by making some amusing changes to the Football Manager game with the in-game editor. They’ve been hard at work replacing regular injuries with 17th century illnesses, and the results of their efforts are quite funny. Who wouldn’t want to see John Terry out of action for 6-7 months undergoing treatment for raging pestilence? I would.

Football Manager can be quite a boring game to many folks (note: you’re playing it wrong), but with the addition of 17th century illnesses everything takes a turn for the absurd. I wonder what injuries will be added to FM2018?

I’d like to see more of these ‘fun’ elements applied to the modern game, but then again it’s just as easy to find hilarity, and absurdity about the sport in the tabloids. Just like that time Real Madrid’s Marco Asensio missed a Champions League game, and all because of ‘an infection in a pimple caused by epilating the hairs on his legs’. Injured from plucking his leg hairs, which would never have happened to Gary Lineker.

Perhaps you’ll want to get as creative with Football Manager 2018 when it comes out on November 10.

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