The first footage of a PS Vita and a Bravia TV being used to stream The Last of Us through PlayStation Now has appeared online, revealing the type of experience people can expect to see when streaming PS3 games.

Grabbed by IGN, the Vita footage appears to show the handheld's rear touchpad being used as a replacement for the DualShock 3's shoulder buttons. There also appears to be a little input lag, although given the environment and the way in which the video is shot, it's difficult to tell quite how severe it may be.

Meanwhile, Portaltic's video shows the game streaming through a Sony Bravia, which seems to let the player hook up a PlayStation 3 controller to their TV.

PlayStation Now was announced by Sony last night, offering an online service that lets users stream older PlayStation titles to a variety of devices beginning with PS3 and PS4. Pricing is yet to be announced.

The service is due to launch in the US this summer.