Dragon Ball FighterZ's next downloadable character will be none other than green meanie Fused Zamasu, Bandai Namco Games has confirmed via a new trailer.

Those of you who aren't into the turbo-charged anime series, Fused Zamasu is basically what you get when you combine Goku Black, Future Zamasu, and Potara earrings. He serves as the Big Bad of Dragon Ball's fourth saga, the Future Trunks Saga, and has green skin and white hair. To be honest, he looks like a stereotypical anime baddy, so I guess they've done their job.

However, Bamco's press blurb says that Zamasu is a unique character to control, as he's able to float in the air after an attack and move in all directions. He's also meant to pack a punch, as his bio confirms he's basically invincible and wields the power of a god. Chances are he'll still go down after a few punches to the face, though.

Check out Fused Zamasu in action below.


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