Capcom released a new gameplay trailer for Resident 7’s DLC expansion, Not a Hero, at this year's Tokyo Game Show. It’ll be the first time in the latest Resi that we get to see the horrors of the undead through the eyes of the returning Chris Redfield. Thank God it’s not actually real. Or is it?

In Not a Hero, players will fill the boots of the mercurial mercenary Chris Redfield, following the end of Resident Evil 7’s main story. The events that take place in the DLC follow a slightly different storyline, but just like the main game you’ll still have the feeling of being up a certain creek without a paddle. It’s all pretty dark and twisted, and heaps of fun provided you don’t mind thumping or stomping in heads of Molded, the game’s take on zombies, if zombies were angry, humanoid lumps of shower gunk.

The trailer runs for just under three minutes and drops Chris Redfield into a mine not too far from the Baker household. Here the player takes control of Chris, who sets out on yet another bloodsoaked quest to find out what on earth is going on. Hint: whatever it is, it’s not good. So finish your tea and get ready to change your kegs, it’s bloody shooting and looting time.

Not A Hero will be free for owners of Resident Evil 7. It'll be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on December 12, which is the same day as Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition. The Gold Edition will contain all the DLC released for the game to date.

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