inXile has stated that “new logistical challenges” have affected the development of Wasteland 3, and the game will now launch on August 28 (via IGN).

inXile will be implementing “beta feedback and suggestions, optimisation, polishing and refinements” in the “extra few months” afforded by the delay. This will let the team ensure that Wasteland 3 “launches in the best possible circumstances” on August 28.

“It’s a cold war in Colorado. Join the Rangers, see exotic lands, and meet ‘interesting’ people,” promised Wasteland 3 in its E3 2019 trailer. Stuck in the frozen wilds, the player is the sole survivor of Team November, and must begin again at the flashpoint of conflicting factions. The story-driven synchronous or asynchronous multiplayer offers an interesting element to diverging decisions, too. 

While online, players will be able to complete missions together, but when one of the two logs off, the other can continue their collaborative progress but each choice has consequences. When the person logs on next, they may be surprised by what they find.

Wasteland 3 comes to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on August 28.

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