Warren Spector returns

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Warren Spector, the man hailed for the genius of Deus Ex and regarded with wary suspicion for the selling out of its sequel, emerged at the Game Developer’s Conference to announce the formation of ‘Junction Point Studios’.

The new Developing studio takes a number of ex-Ion Storm employees under its wing and has already started preliminary development on a new title, though Spector is wisely avoiding doing a Molyneux and blathering about exciting new concepts before they’re nothing more than a sketch on a beer mat.

The exact nature of the game has not been announced, but it has been noted that Junction Point was originally a ‘Looking Glass’ project, the seminal Developers of classic games such as System Shock 2 and Thief. The aforementioned title was concieved as a massivly multiplayer online RPG, later being scaled back to a single-player sci-fi RPG then sadly canned.

Speculation continues with the observation that Art Min, who also worked at Looking Glass studios during the time Junction Point was in development, has been made Executive Vice President of Junction Point Studios.

Spector seemed content to let the rumour-mill whirr into overload, but no doubt more details on his plans will soon leak into the public domain.