THQ head Danny Bilson has detailed how Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millenium Online will make the transition from MMO to single player title with multiplayer elements.

In an interview with Ripten, Bilson stated that the core gameplay can still be salvaged from what had been developed earlier on.

"In particular, the shooting mechanics are real-time, not turn-based. The content is absolutely incredible, and any time anyone ever had any doubts about it, all I had to do was bring them into the room and show them progress on the game. So there's a tremendous amount of content that was built."

The firm had announced earlier in the year it was looking for an external partner to invest in the MMO, however the publisher failed to find any as no one wants to invest in subscription-based MMOs, says Bilson.

However, he adds that he is glad the company decided to simply scale back the game rather than bring on an investor who might "possibly dilute some of the controls around it."

He emphasised: "That game is still sitting with the people who invented it five years ago, and honestly, they are incredibly excited about the new direction. That is the absolute truth, and when we announce it, and you speak to them, they'll be able to tell you themselves.

"If you liked Space Marine, you're gonna love this thing. It's much deeper."

The game is scheduled to release May 13, 2013.