THQ has revealed lifetime shipped data for its core franchises, including Warhammer 40k, Saints Row and WWE.

THQ has shipped nearly five million Saints Row games, more than 4.5 million Warhammer 40k games and 4.5 million units of WWE Smackdown versus Raw 2009.

Speaking during an earnings call overnight, transcribed by Seeking Alpha, THQ boss Brian Farrell said that the figures "demonstrate that when we focus, build quality games, market them aggressively and launch them in appropriate windows, we are successful".

Despite the impressive data, Farrell said THQ has "conservatively planned the WWE franchise down slightly" this year, due to the current difficult economic climate.

He said: "On WWE, it's a little more complicated. As you know, we've been doing WWE for almost 10 years and that brand ebbs and flows based on the popularity of stars at any point in time. And it also relates to where we are on the platform cycles. In the past platform cycles, it's taken a year or two longer for the WWE consumer to migrate to the next generation of platforms, and we are in the midst of a pretty nasty recession which we think is hurting the WWE consumer a little more than normal.

"So we've conservatively planned the WWE franchise down slightly this year but certainly if the platform transition happens more quickly, if the brand exhibits more strength, you know, obviously there's some upside to that."