An unannounced title currently in the works at Visceral Games is the studio's "fastest greenlit" and "most desirable" project, according to comments made by an EA director.

The mystery title is listed on the online CV of EA's senior director of business development Hans ten Cate, which states that he "developed a concept with small team of 5 for AAA game that became the fastest greenlit and most desired project at Visceral Games" while working as a senior producer at the studio between November 2008 and July 2011.

According to ten Cate's profile, the title is due for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in 2014.

A second unannounced title, a "new action game" targeted at PC, is also listed on ten Cate's profile.

Visceral Games has long been rumoured to have numerous unannounced titles in the works, including an "online action shooter".

Its most recent title, Dead Space 3, released earlier this month.

Source: LinkedIn