The team behind Bomberman and stacks of other classic franchises has been singing the praises of the Wii Virtual Console for giving vintage games a new lease of life.

In an interview with Game Informer, Hudson Entertainment's director of marketing, John Lee, had only glowing things to say about the fast-growing service. He explained: "Clearly, we love it. Better than sliced bread. With the number of games we already released for it, and the number we have planned for the future, we are definitely backing Nintendo up on this initiative.

"So far though, we have been pleasantly surprised at how well our games are doing and how well Nintendo's strategy with the VC is working out. They have a great system set up to make buying classic games easy and very cheap as well."

Hudson recently launched the first 3D iteration of its Bomberman series, Act: Zero, on Xbox 360 and Lee firmly believes the Virtual Console is the ideal way to bring old titles to a whole new audience, as well as diehard retro heads. He added: "We are a company that has over 100 original IPs created over the last 30 years. That's a lot of gaming goodness.

"With some of these classic brands, the VC becomes a great way to introduce them to a new generation of gamers and to appease all the old timers with some good ol' fashioned nostalgia. I do think it becomes a fascinating catalyst for brand revival."

Hudson Entertainment will provide more than 40 VC games over the next year, with initial titles including favourites like Bonk's Adventure, Super Star Soldier and Bomberman 93.