I am humbled, delighted and deeply honoured to unveil (on the eve of the site's seventh birthday) the brand new VideoGamer.com iOS application to the whole wide world.


Available literally right this very second from the iTunes App Store, you can download the app onto your Apple-branded mobile communications device for the low, low price of FREE.

With the app you can read all of your favourite VideoGamer.com content, including news, reviews, and previews. But there's more! You can also watch and hear your favourite audiovisual files right from the app. And that's not even all! You can automatically share these treasured gems of editorial nirvana with your masses of friends on Facebook and Twitter, and leave article comments directly from within the application!

Be warned though: the VideoGamer.com App can (and has) produced bonds of intense emotional attachment so strong that some may even go so far as to describe it as true love.

A team of responsible business executives and one talented coder (thanks, Shane McCafferty!) have been working on the app for days, powered by little more than their regular salaries, the odd Pot Noodle, and a blistering devotion more powerful than a thousand burning suns.

But don't just take my word for it! Let's ask some impartial and independent bystanders: when asked about the official VideoGamer.com App, VideoGamer.com operations director Adam McCann said he was "excited and pleased". And VideoGamer.com news editor James Orry went one step further, declaring he "hasn't seen it yet so he can't say".

So, there you have it. iOS users: begin downloading now! Comment on this post from within the application! Android users: commence complaining.