Update: Resident Evil 7 goes 4D with scented candle

Update: Resident Evil 7 goes 4D with scented candle
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Update January 13: Capcom has now circulated an official press release confirming there will indeed be a Resident Evil 4D Candle, but that it’s being made in partnership with Numskull. It also doesn’t smell of blood, which is an update we’re okay with.

“Contrary to earlier reports that jumped the gun a little, the candle definitely does not smell of blood. However, it does manage to represent the scent of the Baker Mansion, adding to the horror, fear and adrenaline you get whilst playing the game – especially in VR,” said Ben Grant of Numskull.

The candle is part of a few bits of new Resident Evil merch, including t-shirts, mugs, and a wallet. We’re not sure that the Baker’s place will smell much better than blood, but if you want to find out it’s available for pre-order now (out January 24) and costs £9.99.

Original story: If the prospect of a Resident Evil game in VR isn’t already making you buy in extra pairs of pants, then perhaps the newly announced Resident Evil 7 4D Candle from Capcom and Merchoid is what you need.

The candle has been designed to burn for 18-20 hours, giving off an aroma of blood – a pleasant change from the cinnamon smells which filled homes over the holiday season.

“The 4D candle is 100% officially licensed Resident Evil merchandise; this means Capcom have smelt the candle and found it scary to enough to give their seal of approval,” explained Merchoid Community Manager Jessica Adams. “We’d even suggest that using the Blood, Sweat and Fears 4D Candle is the definitive way to experience the game… The virtual reality experience is incredible, but we want to take you one step further than that. While playing the game, imagine if you could smell everything you could see and hear. The game becomes incredibly immersive as it tricks all your senses into thinking that you’re really there.”

You probably won’t be wanting to burn this one when taking a relaxing bath, or having a romantic meal.

The Resident Evil 4D Candle goes on sale January 20 priced £14.99, days ahead of the game’s launch on January 24.

Source: Merchoid