The absolutely fabulous Undertale, which initially released on PC back in 2015 before coming to PS4 and Vita (remember that thing?) in 2017, is finally coming to Nintendo Switch in September.

It was originally announced that the dark RPG-cum-bullet hell shooter would be making its way to the hybrid handheld at a Nintendo Direct a few months ago, and now fans of the game -- as well as those that never got around to it and have always wanted to -- can rest easy knowing when it's actually launching on everyone's favourite system.

As well as being able to buy from the Switch's eShop, you'll be able to pick this one up physically, too. Currently only available through Fangamer, or Best Buy in the States, the standard edition will set you back $29, and includes both the game and a 24-page storybooklet; the lovely Collector's Edition comes with a 14k gold-plated brass music box, the OST on CD, and sheet music for six of the game's songs, on top of the game and book. Although it's a bit pricier at $69, that sheet music with annotations from Toby Fox sounds delightful.

If you haven't played it yet and plan to pick this up later this year, know that you're in for a treat. Undertale is a special video game.

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