Sony has revealed that the Uncharted series has now sold in excess of 13 million units globally. The figure comes a month after the third game in the series, Drake's Deception, was released on PlayStation 3, and two weeks before Golden Abyss is launched in Japan alongside the PS Vita.

Speaking to Industry Gamers Sony's Asad Quizilbash, product marketing manager for Uncharted 3, said that the Uncharted series has "sold over 13 Million units globally," and that Sony "will continue to make games that our consumers love experiencing".

While no further Uncharted games have been confirmed, it's a safe bet that the series will continue beyond Drake's Deception and Golden Abyss.

Uncharted 3 scored an impressive 9/10 in our Uncharted 3 review. The game has since been patched to fix the aiming and motion blur.