The currently untitled Uncharted game in development at Bend Studio for the NGP is set before the events of the original game, Naughty Dog has confirmed. The studio's community manager Arne Meyer posted on NeoGAF to clear up some confusion over where the new game fits into the Uncharted timeline.

"Bend Studio is really the best bet for any info related to the Uncharted NGP game, but I couldn't help but want to jump in and mention that the NGP storyline is set sometime before Drake's Fortune (and not a prequel)," said Meyer. "I'll leave the rest for the NGP/Uncharted NGP press campaign.

"Reason we're making the distinction is that it's not a direct lead-in to the story of Drake's Fortune, which many people would expect if you said 'prequel'."

Uncharted was one of the first games shown running on Sony's NGP when the first NGP games were announced back in January.

Uncharted 3 is set for release in November. Uncharted for NGP is currently without a release date.