A brand new handheld entry in the Syphon Filter series is allegedly being developed for the PlayStation Vita.

The game is being cooked up by Uncharted: Golden Abyss developer SCE Bend right now, according to the November issue of Official PlayStation Magazine (reported via Sillegamer).

The last time we saw sneaky super shooter Gabe Logan was in 2007's Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow for the PSP, also developed by SCE Bend.

"Logan's Shadow is slick, well produced, and involving, and most importantly it is very hard to put down," said VideoGamer.com in a glowing 8/10 Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow review all the way back in the past.

I remember a demo of the first Syphon Filter on the disc that came with Official PlayStation Magazine many, many years ago. The fact you could Taser people so hard they burst into flames was what I remember most about it.