Ubisoft has revealed it plans to follow in EA's footsteps and offer day one DLC to customers who buy their games new.

Asked about DLC during its year-end earnings call last night, Ubisoft CFO Alain Martinez made reference to EA's Project $10.

"Most of the games we are releasing next year will have from the start downloadable content available, and we are looking very carefully at what is happening with EA regarding what we are calling the $10 solution, and will probably be following that line sometime in the future," said Martinez.

CEO Yves Guillemot added that the publisher already has such a system in place.

"We have been using keys starting last year on our products," he explained. "Those keys were allowing some customers to have content if they were buying the product in specific stores, so we have the system in place to actually generate more revenue on the second-hand market.

"We are building the content to make sure it can be beneficial for both groups to actually pay enough on one side and on the other side when you don't buy the game as a full game that you're interested to buy the new offering and are interested to pay to get that."

EA has since taken Project $10 one step further, making online functionality in its EA Sports titles available only to those who buy the game new. Those who pick up a used copy of a game will need to pay a one time fee to unlock the online services.

Via Kotaku