Ubisoft has announced Driver 76, an all-new game in the Driver franchise designed for gaming on the go. Developed by Sumo Digital and Reflection Studios, the game will feature 27 new missions set in 1976 New York, two years prior to events in Driver Parallel Lines, and players will find six main plots to play through.

The game will also feature a car modification system, allowing players to buy new parts with the money earned by completing side jobs. We're also promised a selection of classic '70s tunes to accompany the authentic architecture, cars and clothes of the era.

Driver 76 will also include a wide selection of multiplayer modes, such as Street Racing Destruction Derby, Pink Slip Racing and Swap Meet. Players will also be able to download new paintjobs to use on the vehicles in their garage.

Driver 76 is scheduled for release on the PSP in March 2007.