With the monumental success of Nintendogs it's not surprising to see Ubisoft having a go at cracking the same market. Expanding on its Petz series of games (Dogz and Catz have already appeared on the GBA and the series has shifted over 1.4 million copies on PC), Ubisoft is releasing all-new versions on the Nintendo DS, PC and GBA.

Arriving in November are Dogz, Catz, Horsez and Hamsterz Life all for the Nintendo DS. Each title will see the player adopt said pet and then care for it as you would a real animal. Catz, Dogz and Horsez are also coming to PC, but for the time being the Hamsterz title looks to be a DS only game.

The GBA is also getting a new game in the Dogz series, Dogz Fashion. As the game's title suggests, players will need to kit out their pooch in trendy gear and then enter them into fashion shows.

Dogz Fashion is scheduled for release in September, with Dogz, Catz, Horsez, and Hamsterz Life all following in November.