Two Point Hospital will be released for PC on August 30, publisher Sega and developer Two Point Studios have announced.

Those of you looking to snap up the charmingly silly treat-'em-up will be able to net 10% off on pre-orders via Steam and select retailers

Two Point Hospital is something of a spiritual successor to the brilliant 90s title Theme Hospital, adopting the same humorous, management-driven antics that see you hopping into the shoes of Hospital Administrator. 

Looking to enhance your career to the next level, you'll be kitting out hospital rooms with essential supplies, training staff, managing their personalities, unearthing new diseases, researching new treatments, and generally doing everything that keeps to a simple philosophy: build, cure, and improve.

Theme Hospital was a great laugh and things inevitably got pretty manic at times, so here's hoping Two Point Hospital is just as fun.

Check out a new trailer below.

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