While most of us have to wait until Nintendo's pre-E3 conference for solid info on the Wii and its games, Mr Grossman has already got some first-hand experience. Most interesting are his comments on his time playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess with the Wii controller:

"Now I'm Errol Flynn, sword fighting with the controller, then aiming a bow and arrow, then using it as a fishing rod, reeling in a stubborn virtual fish."

The use of the Wii controller in the upcoming Zelda title has been one of the major points of discussion amongst Nintendo fans, and the news that you'll be able to fight and fish with the controller is very exciting. The game will hopefully demonstrate how third-person action titles can work on the Wii.

As well as Zelda, Grossman got to play a WarioWare and tennis title, although it isn't clear if either game is to be made into a full-blown product or simply act as tech demos for the system. The WarioWare game seems a given considering how well it's bound to translate to the Wii system, and Grossman seemed to enjoy his time with the game:

"In one hot minute, I use the controller to swat a fly, do squat-thrusts as a weightlifter, turn a key in a lock, catch a fish, drive a car, sauté some vegetables, balance a broom on my outstretched hand, colour in a circle and fence with a foil - and yes, dance the hula."

His impressions of the tennis title also suggest a precise level of accuracy for the Wii controller, which should pave the way for some exciting projects in the future:

"The controller becomes a racket, and I'm smacking forehands and stroking backhands. The sensors are fine enough that you can scoop under the ball to lob it, or slice it for spin."

Wii is set to have a strong presence at E3 this year, with Nintendo and other developers featuring Wii titles. The first video footage of Wii games should be shown at Nintendo's pre-E3 conference that is scheduled to take place in LA at 5.30pm BST on Tuesday May 9.