Turtle Rock announces new co-op zombie FPS Back 4 Blood

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The creator of Left 4 Dead and Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios, has today announced a new co-op zombie FPS to be published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment called Back 4 Blood.

The announcement is light on details for the time being, other than it'll be designed 'from the ground up as an 'original, premium title' and aims to marry 'the best of what made the co-op zombie shooter so successful with new features and state-of-the-art technology'.

A further FAQ offers a little more info, stating that their platform focus will be PC, Xbox One and PS4 although 'More possibilities aren’t out of the question.' They also, despite the obvious parallels, want to make sure Back 4 Blood isn't mistaken for Left 4 Dead 3, saying 'Back 4 Blood is our own brand new, original IP. You’ll be able to shoot up a lot of zombies like in Left 4 Dead, but there’s a whole lot of new stuff in Back 4 Blood which makes it unique.'

Naturally the studio is excited, with Co-founder and Design Director Chris Ashton saying 'It’s hard to overstate what an awesome opportunity this is. We get to return to a genre that was born in our studio with over ten years of additional experience and zombie ideas racked up in our brains.' Other co-founder and Creative Director Phil Robb added: 'We are not resting on any past laurels. Our goal is to take all we’ve learned and push forward.' calling the game 'the biggest challenge in this studio’s history.' 

There's no date for Back 4 Blood yet, but we guess now it's time.

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