Tunic looks a lot like Zelda, but with foxes

Tunic looks a lot like Zelda, but with foxes
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Microsoft has debuted a brand new trailer for Tunic, the upcoming cute-as-buttons adventure game that gives off some serious The Legend of Zelda-esque vibes.

Tunic was originally announced back in 2015 under a different title, Secret Legend. It's a console exclusive to Xbox One and will also be coming to the PC, though right now there's no word on a release date.

As mentioned, there's some unavoidable comparisons to Zelda going on here. The main character wields a shield and sword much like Link, and seriously channels the old-school antics of Nintendo's venerable action-RPG franchise.

Frankly it looks cute as hell. Like, on a scale of not cute to kitten cute, it's definitely the latter. Check out the trailer below.