Trials Fusion's second DLC, Empire of the Sky, is available to download now on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and is expected to arrive on PS4 and PC later today or tomorrow.

For £3.99, you'll grab 9 new tracks, 18 new track challenges, dozens of new editor objects and 5 new achievements/trophies.

The DLC is also available for free to Season Pass holders. For the full details of what's included, take a look below:

Five new achievements/trophies:

  • 250 Gamer Score on Xbox One 
  • 100 Gamer Score on Xbox 360 
  • Two Silver, Two Bronze, and One Gold Trophy on PlayStation 4

Nine exciting new tracks, including:

  • Six Trials Tracks 
  • One new Supercross (local multiplayer) track 
  • One new Skill Game "Freefall" 
  • One new FMX Track, "High Society"

Eighteen new Track Challenges

  • Each Classic Trials Track features three surprising Track Challenges 
  • Track Challenges range from secret locations to surprising mini-games, such as: 
  • Crash the dinner party 
  • Skydive with the Penguins! 
  • Please the Paparazzi!

Dozens of new Editor Objects, including:

  • Anti-gravity technology 
  • Resort homes 
  • Force fields 
  • Floating platforms


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