SEGA and Creative Assembly have released a new Total War: Warhammer let's play video which gives fans their first look at the Chaos Warriors, led by the Archaeon the Everchosen.

In the video Emperor Karl Franz and the forces of the Empire join battle with the Chaos Warriors.

You'll see a number of Chaos units, from core infantry such as Chaos Marauders and Warriors, to higher-tier units including the Chaos Giant and the Hellcannon.

The developer commentary also discusses spells from the Lore of Light and Lore of Fire, as the two armies clash on the frigid plains of Norsca.

Chaos Warriors is pre-order bonus DLC, and will also be sold on day one. However, players will be able to replicate battles in Total War: Warhammer's Custom Battle menu whether they own the Chaos Warriors Pace Pack or not.

Source: SEGA

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