Total War: Rome 2 will be released at retail and digitally worldwide on September 3, 2013, SEGA has announced.

In addition, SEGA and The Creative Assembly have announced a pre-order bonus and Collector's Edition.

Pre-order from participating retailers to receive the game's first DLC for free on day one - the Greek States Culture Pack, adds three additional playable factions to the game: Epirus, Athens and Sparta.

Collector's Edition

Only 22,000 individually numbered copies of this set will be produced, with no second run. The set is bound in a leather-effect presentation box, complete with gold logo and magnetic closure, including:

Rome 2 ce

Numbered copy of Total War: Rome 2

This version comes in a debossed Steelbook case, laser-etched with your unique collector's number in Roman numerals.

Tabula set

The Roman forerunner to Backgammon, this Tabula set comprises 30 bone-effect game pieces supplied in their own burlap drawstring bag; the board itself is built into the base of the Collector's Edition box.

Tesserae Dice

Three replica bone-effect dice for use in a variety of games. The design is based on original Roman Tesserae, found at the archaeological site of Herculaneum.

Total War Cards: Punic Wars

Designed from the ground up to echo elements from Rome 2, Total War Cards is a game of skill and luck for two players. Involving combat, territorial control, resource management and technological development, Punic Wars consists of 58 high-quality playing cards and a game-board printed with the Punic Wars tech-tree.

Canvas Campaign Map

A reminder of the world you must conquer, this ribbon-tied canvas map depicts each of the 57 provinces of the Rome 2 campaign.

Roman Onager

A complete, fully-functional Onager, or Roman siege catapult. This easy-to-assemble kit is constructed from weathered wood and steel, measures 26cm x 12cm x 12cm, and is capable of unleashing small projectiles at a variety of inanimate objects which may have affronted the glory of your empire.

This bumper boxed set is priced £109.99 and is available in the UK from GAME.

Source: Press release