The latest patch for Total War: Rome 2 is now available to download in beta.

The beta for Patch 2, which Creative Assembly says users download "at [their] own risk", is said to offer multiple tweaks and improvements, including crash fixes and further performance optimisations.

A full list of improvements and fixes included in Patch 2 can be found in the patch notes.

Players can choose to download the patch by right-clicking Rome 2 in their Steam game library, choosing properties and selecting the Betas tab. An option for 'patch2beta' should then be available from the drop down list.

Creative Assembly warns "that it is only the beta version of the patch and that some issues might be experienced. This is why we would like to have your feedback on this patch in a more organised way.

"Please note that you download beta patches at your own risk and the official patch will go live next week, so if you would rather wait till then, please do so."

Total War: Rome 2 launched last Tuesday, but has faced criticism from fans for its technical issues.

Earlier this week, Creative Assembly's Mike Simpson apologised for the "unacceptable" launch issues and pledged to release a new patch each week until they were fixed.