Tiny Wings Update 1.1.0 has been released, bringing with it a host of fixes and new features.

Headlining the update is a new nest, challenging players to reach the 9th Island, fly through the 4th Island in Fever Mode, and do 20 cloud touches not in Fever Mode.

Also look out for more leaderboards and support for Game Center.

New Features

- Game Center support

- more leaderboards (distance, longest fever, cloudtouches...)

- a new nest

- new statistics page (at in-game pause menu & main menu)

- new nests page, view your unlocked nests

- play your own music (now even in multitask mode)

- onscreen fever time counter


- 6th island is a little easier

- you can deactivate the touch teacher

- title screen


- text notification crash

- random crash when arriving the 10th island

- random lag when arriving the 5th island

- fever mode cheat

- tiny performance improvements

- many other minor bugfixes

Tiny Wings is available now priced £0.59.