LucasArts has announced the development of Thrillville: Off the Rails, an all-new Thrillville title featuring some of the most outlandish roller-coaster concepts ever imagined.

Off the Rails will include 20 death-defying rides, coasters so amazing that every visitor who sees them will shout out "WHOA!". Players can build these "WHOA! Coasters" with leaps from one track to another, to launch through the air and to blast through burning rings of fire.

The game is stitched together with a new story and more than 100 missions, plus 34 multiplayer theme-park games. LucasArts also promises improved social interaction with park guests, with in-depth conversations to advance the game's story or to suggest way to best manage the park.

Thrillville: Off the Rails will be published by Activision across Europe, although no release date has been confirmed at this time. The game is scheduled for release in North America in October.