The Kinect Sports: Season 2 Midnight Mountain Ski Pack is now available to purchase from Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Priced 400 MS Points, you'll get three new slopes, one of which - Pitch Black - is available free of charge.

The Ski pack is available in all modes and includes new Achievements and Challenges to send to friends both online and offline.

The three new courses include:

  • Backwoods Blast - A high-adrenaline precision course through the forest with narrow straights, dizzying twists, and steep rollers to put your focus to the test.
  • Pitch Black - For skiers who like to get airborne, this terrain-heavy course sports big jumps, steep banks, giant rollers, and vertical drops, where jumping is the key to getting a great time.
  • After Hours - An Advanced Slalom course built for more gates and a faster rhythm - ideal for speed fanatics and classic racing fiends.

Additional downloadable content will be made available in 2012, with each release to include an element of free content. In December last year nine new holes were added to Kinect Sports Season Two golf.