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THQ Nordic will remake Gothic upon receiving “unambiguous feedback” from fans

Gothic is getting a remake, as “unambiguous feedback” from fans spurred publisher THQ Nordic into action (via Resetera).

A fantasy action role-playing game, Gothic was released for PC in 2001. It was pretty popular in Germany, and became a fully-fledged series with Gothic II, Gothic 3, and the spinoff Arcania: Gothic 4 released in 2002, 2006, and 2010. The rights for a fourth game were bounced around for a bit, and they were returned to the developer Piranha Bytes in 2011. But, it was busy working on the Risen series and making ELEX, so the possibility of a new Gothic game was put on the back burner.

In May 2019, it was announced that THQ Nordic had acquired Piranha Bytes and its accompanying properties. The studio said that it was “extremely stoked about what the future brings with the right partner and the right network of companies,” but when a playable teaser for a new Gothic game arose, it didn’t have Piranha Bytes’ stamp on it. THQ Nordic Barcelona made the playable teaser, and it was only available for those who had a Gothic game or any other Piranha Bytes game in their Steam libraries. “This is not a full game. Its [sic] a playable teaser version to a potential approach for a new Gothic game. Nothing is set in stone,” read the game description. “So your feedback is essential to turn Gothic into a modern game.”

Now that all of the responses have been collected and analysed, a remake for Gothic has been confirmed. Over 180,000 players jumped into the teaser, and around 43,000 participants held forth on their thoughts about a possible remake. THQ Nordic released the raw data and a summary of its findings, and 94.8 per cent of players wanted development to continue into a full Gothic game. 85 per cent of respondents consider themselves to be die-hard fans of the series, which makes sense. 

“THQ Nordic received 23.688 individual (!) comments out of 43.111 total participants of the survey,” read the conclusion to the summary document. “We will sift through all of them and organize them accordingly for future utilization.” The next step for the developer is to establish a studio in Barcelona and begin the core production of the Gothic remake. 


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