amBX promises to revolutionise the gaming experience, offering a full sensory surround experience by utilising light, colour, sound and air flow in games. Devices such as LED colour-controlled lights, active furniture, fans and heaters can all be placed around the gamer to creative a more immersive experience.

"With Philips' amBX system we can create a Broken Sword game that is not only emotionally engaging but also a visual experience that is both dramatic and very unique," said Mickey Torode, senior global brand manager, THQ Inc. "Philips has been extremely supportive not only with the development of the game, but also in providing THQ the resources and technology to demonstrate the game alongside the new technology for our key partners."

Broken Sword: The Angel of Death is scheduled fore release later this summer for the PC, and is just one of many titles coming in the future that will utilise Philip's amBX technology.