French publisher Third Editions, an outfit that specialises in churning out high-quality video game books, has announced a new Kickstarter initiative to secure the English translation of three of its latest works.

The company is hoping to raise 60,000 euros on the crowdfunding website (which equates to just north of £53,000) to translate the next chapters in its ongoing series based on The Legend of Zelda, Dark Souls, and Final Fantasy video game franchises. 

First up is Zelda: The History of a Legendary Saga - Volume 2: Breath of the Wild, which focuses on the 2017 Switch-exclusive adventure game that took the franchise into open-world territory for the first time.

Dark Souls: Beyond the Grave - Volume 2: Bloodborne and Dark Souls III meanwhile picks up where the previous book left, taking readers through the gothic-inspired locations of Yothric and Yharnam.

Finally, The Legend of Final Fantasy VIII takes a peak at various aspects of the much-loved PlayStation 1999 JRPG, such as design and lore, while also examining its enduring legacy. 

All three books will be made available in standard hardback and collector's edition flavours. At the time of writing the Kickstarter has raised over £8,000 and has 35 days left to go.

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