EA Motive studio boss Jade Raymond has revealed that the company's Vancouver-based team is beavering away on a new Plants vs. Zombies project. 

Could this be Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 3? Who knows, but we can only hope.

Speaking during an interview with the latest issue of EDGE (via PST), Raymond mentioned that the studio is working on an unannounced title as previously suggested via a job listing, although the Plants vs. Zombies project is something we haven't heard about before.

Sadly, the former Assassin's Creed developer didn't elaborate any further, but it's still an interesting tidbit nonetheless.

EA and PopCap are still pumping out support for the celebrated Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, so we imagine a sequel would be a safe bet given that game's success.

Elsewhere, Raymond touched base on the Montreal team's new IP, which is clearly still in its infancy:

'We're working on the concept. We have pillars for the game, but when it comes to the way we go about having them come to life, and what we're going to prototype first, we have the designers break out into groups with all the people on the team - not just the people in the design team, or within the production or leadership team - and run brainstorms with everyone around these pillars,' she said. 

'We're having a lot of success with it so far.'

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