Creative Assembly has revealed the fourth and final playable race in Total War: Warhammer: the Vampire Counts.

Led by the chief acolyte of necromantic magic Mannfred von Carstein, the Vampire Counts are said to be the "masters of Death magic", capable of leading legions of Grave Guard, Skeletons, bat-winged beasts and other "colossal aberrations" into battle.

Players will even get to patrol the skies on a Zombie Dragon and, by the looks of it, resurrect fallen soldiers to fight on Mannfred's side. Previously confirmed races include the Greenskins, Dwarfs and Empire.

Gameplay footage featuring the first look at a Vampire Counts battle will be streamed live on Total War's official Twitch channel at 1am GMT tonight, although you can check out what they look like in a new in-engine trailer below.

Total War: Warhammer launches on May 24.

Source: SEGA, Creative Assembly

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