The Survivalists Expeditions Update
by on Jul 15, 2021

The Survivalists gets new Expeditions Update on console from today

Publisher Team 17 has announced that survival game The Survivalists is getting a bunch of new features in its Expeditions Update landing on consoles from today.

Among the update’s new features include the addition of Trinkets. Each player character has 4 trinket slots into which they can be slotted and can infer bonuses such as burning damage, increased tool damage, shields and much more. Each trinket has 4 tier slots, so that they can be upgraded to suit your playstyle and there’s more than 40 to choose from. To earn them, you’ll have to perform objectives for Taskmasters to unlock recipes and then craft them on the new Trinket Bench.

Speaking of Taskmasters, there’s now 4 new ones added on the islands further out from your starting one. Each offers themed tasks of ever-increasing difficulty with ever-increasing rewards. There’s over 50 challenges to tackle across the four types – Beastmaster, Collector, Gourmand and Salesman.

Elsewhere, the update also adds five new pets, an overhaul to the caves system and tweaks to Labyrinths, as well as a brand new bestiary in the journal to keep track of animals and the collectibles within. There’s also a new currency, a new Token Shop and new items and resources as well as 10 new collectibles, more mob variants and more.

You can check out the complete patch notes on the game’s official website over here. The Expeditions Update lands today in The Survivalists on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch and is already available on PC.


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