by on Jun 27, 2019

The Surge 2 shows off eight minutes of new developer gameplay

Focus Interactive has posted a new developer-commentated video of gameplay from upcoming action RPG The Surge 2.

Taking the robotic mech-smashing action to the new game's setting of Jericho City, the footage is narrated by head of game design Adam Hetenyi and shows off some of the new features of the sequel, including the improved drone and directional parrying, rounded off by a fight against one of the game's many bosses. Once again, there'll be a heavy focus on removing the limbs from your foes in order to obtain better and upgraded equipment to take down your foes.

In addition, the new asynchronous multiplayer features are shown off; you'll be able to leave graffiti messages in the world for other players – not unlike the system made famous by the Dark Souls series – to potentially help or hinder fellow player's efforts as they progress through the game.

The Surge 2 is set to launch on September 24 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.



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The Surge 2

on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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01 January 2019