by on Jan 8, 2020

The Surge 2 Kraken DLC releases for all platforms next week

The Kraken DLC for The Surge 2 will come out next week, and promises a new mystery to follow in a never-before-seen setting (via Push Square).

Focus Interactive has shed a little light on what players will look forward to in the expansion set on the VBS Krakow. A retrofitted retreat for the big cheeses of Jericho City, the abandoned and extremely dangerous aircraft carrier is teeming with robot pirates and its security systems are on the warpath. The suburbs are no walk in the park, and each of these baddies will have their signature combat style, just like the final boss lurking in the depths of VBS Krakow. If they are victorious, the player may “uncover the truth behind the desolate military vessel,” which could be as unsettling as the manufactured smiles on VBS Krakow billboards. 

Those who have the Season Pass for The Surge 2 are able to drop into the DLC ahead of the rush with 48 hours of early access. The Premium Edition also goes live on January 16, offering the Kraken expansion, the URBN Gear Pack, the Public Enemy Weapon Pack, and the latest Jericho’s Legacy Gear Pack.

The Surge 2 is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Kraken DLC releases for all platforms on January 16. Watch the teaser trailer below.



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