Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson has announced on his blog that Spotify is now available to download on the Xbox One. The release of the Spotify app means that Xbox One owners can now play music and podcasts from their Spotify library while they game on their console.

The Spotify app can be downloaded from the Xbox Store now, and enables you to play your favourite albums, podcasts and playlists from your Spotify account. You can  also use your smart devices to switch between tracks or change songs while playing your games on Spotify Connect. Or, you can just chill out to the pulsating grooves of Spice Girls whilst dispatching the opposing team on Call of Duty. Whatever floats your boat.

Visually, the Xbox Spotify app looks to be pretty much the same as the PS4 version, and that’s no bad thing. Just like the PS4 version, there’ll be a free version which has ads, and if you’re a premium user, higher quality audio with no ads. 

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