The physical copies of The Sexy Brutale: Full House Edition have a printing error

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The PS4 physical edition of The Sexy Brutale has a printing error that’s delayed release in Australia. The Full House edition of the game, exclusive to PS4, comes with a copy of the original soundtrack and a studio manual showing off the inspirations behind the game. It turns out there’s been an error in the studio manual.

The edition will still release on April 25, as planned, in UK, most European markets, Asia, and New Zealand, but there’s been ‘a slight delay of the game’s release in Australia’. When the Full House edition is released in Australia, it will have the correct manuals.

If you’ve pre-ordered the Full House Edition there are a few options for you to get the manual issue sorted out:

1. Certain retail partners will receive replacement manuals direct to store. Please check when buying the game for further details.

Where this is not the case, customers can:

 2. Download a digital copy of all the manuals from the following link

3.  Request a new printed copy of the manual which will be dispatched out in the post. To request a new printed version, please send your full name and postal address to BadLand Games: [email protected]

(Proof of purchase will need to be supplied prior to shipping.)

We humbly submit option four: do nothing, in the hope that one day copies of the manual with the misprint will be somehow rare and valuable, like when an edition of the Bible accidentally left out the ‘not’ in ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’. 

The Sexy Brutale, which Alice believes is a good game, has been out on digital release for PS4 and Xbox One since April 12.

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