The Persistence brings roguelike horror to PSVR this summer

The Persistence brings roguelike horror to PSVR this summer
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Developer Firesprite has announced that its roguelike-scented horror title The Persistence will launch on July 24 for PSVR. The game takes place on the sprawling eponymous ship and sees you controlling Zimri Eder, a security officer who finds herself battling against monstrous clones of her former shipmates. 

The Persistence has a unique twist, however. Each time you end up brown bread, a copy of Eder will be created complete with her memories and personality (known as Engrams) in tact. Not only that, but each time you die you can fiddle with your DNA in order to make a more advanced clone the next time you’re ‘resurrected.’

As the last living survivor of the ship, your task is to restore functionality to the vessel after a malfunction caused it to land in the vice-like grip of a black hole. With the Persistence infested with blood-thirsty critters however, you’ll want to employ stealth to make it past your enemies without being spotted, using PSVR to poke around corners to plan your next move.

That’s not to say you’re completely defenceless, though. There’s 20 weapons to claim throughout your adventure, including firearms, melee weapons, and prototypes known as ‘dark matter.’ Not only that, but each one can be upgraded to increase their stopping power as you progress through the game. 

Elsewhere, the Persistence makes use of randomised environments, resulting in the layout of the ship changing each time you die and thus encountering different weapons, items, and enemies. No single life is ever the same, says the developer. 

Pre-orders for the game are now open, with PlayStation Plus subscribers able to net a handy discount.