I know we all have an ordered list of 'Quentin Tarantino Films I'd Most Like to See Made Into a Game', and if you put Reservoir Dogs at the top of yours it's time to celebrate. Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days has a new trailer and release date of May 18. 

This isn't actually a game where you play through the plot of the film or anything, though, it's a top down strategy-ish shooter. The hook is that you can rewind time a short way to shoot people more in a more effecient way. It actually looks like it could be pretty cool.

You will also note, from the trailer, that these particular Dogs don't infringe on the appearance of any actors, living or dead. They're like the own brand version of the Reservoir Dogs that Lidl would sell, but I'm down with it. At least three of them look a bit like what QT probably imagines he looks like in real life, but in different ways.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is out on PC on May 18.

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