Microsoft has fleshed out its Xbox One backwards compatibility lineup with two new additions, including critically acclaimed brawler The King of Fighters XIII.

SNK's fighting game sequel was originally released back in 2011 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and features a massive lineup of characters and brings the Ash saga to its conclusion. It's also considered one of the best entries in the venerable scrapper among fans, so that's good to know.

Meanwhile, Orcs Must Die is the second game to be added to Xbox One's b/c, and was also first released in 2011. It's a tower defense game where you control a battle mage tasked with fortifying their castle against an onslaught of orcs foes. 

If you've got physical copies of either game still around, then you can simply shove them into your Xbox One and fire them up now. Likewise, digital copies can also be used again; just head to the 'Ready to Download' section of your console to grab them.

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