The first Halo game is apparently making its way onto PlayStation

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The Halo series has been a staple of Xbox and Microsoft exclusivity since its inception. Since Xbox’s multiplatform pledge, the landscape has looked a little different, especially considering Project Latitude – the rumoured business philosophy that is slated to bring games such as Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment to PlayStation and Nintendo systems. Halo Combat Evolved is the next title expected to cross borders, with its eventual PS5 release set to make headlines.

The Verge’s Tom Warren reports that “one game that is being considered for release on PS5 is Halo,” continuing that sources say “Microsoft is working on some form of a Halo: Combat Evolved remaster for rival consoles.” Despite Xbox Showcase just around the corner, Warren doesn’t expect a release or announcement so this soon.

Warren is also hoping that a Microsoft handheld could be announced, though that appears to be merely speculative rather than reported.

Halo: Combat Evolved launched in 2001 as the original Xbox’s flagship title, and has been synonymous with both Microsoft and Xbox since. This potential remaster wouldn’t be the first time that Halo: Combat Evolved has been revisited, with a 2011 remake having introduced new graphical features and quality of life upgrades across the board.

Reactions to the idea of Halo: Combat Evolved seeing another remaster have been varied, with some saying that it’s Halo 3 that deserves a full redressing instead. Others have insisted that Gears of War is the game that would bring the attention back to Microsoft, which Tom Warren has also addressed in his newsletter referencing games: “a new instalment of Gears of War, which hasn’t been earmarked as a Project Latitude game.”

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