The Gunk
by on Nov 11, 2021

The Gunk confirmed for December 16 launch on Xbox consoles and PC

The Thunderful Group has announced that action adventure game The Gunk will arrive on Xbox and PC on December 16.

The news came as part of last night’s Thunderful World Showcase event. If you need a quick catch up, the game puts you in the space-shoes of Rami. You and your partner Becks have been sent down to the surface of a forgotten planet covered in a mysterious substance harbouring a dangerous corruptive parasite.

You’ll be exploring the planet’s many and varied biomes, including a rocky canyon region, a dense jungle, subterranean caves and more. As you clean away more of the gunk, you’ll uncover hidden secrets and the ruins of a lost civilization. It’ll be down to you to use your trusty power-glove known as Pumpkin to uncover the secrets the planet holds. You’ll also be able to upgrade the glove with new abilities and skills as you do so.

The announcement of the game’s release date also comes with a new trailer, fronted by Rami’s voice actress Fiona Nova. You can check that out for yourself down below. The Gunk lands on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC on December 16. It’ll also be available from Day One via Xbox Game Pass.



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The Gunk

on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
The Gunk

Release Date:

16 December 2021