Endlight Games has revealed that zombie survival hit The Forest will pack its bags and leave early access towards the end of April. At this point, the game's price will jump from $14.99 to $19.99.

In addition, the studio also shared a number of new features that will be implemented as soon as The Forest hits version 1.0. Firstly, languages and controller support will be improved, and players will be given more reasons and resources for eliminating the shambling undead hordes.

Elsewhere, the cold and warmth systems will be retooled, with a new warm suit and buildables being implemented. Major performance optimisations are promised, while Endlight will also polish up multiplayer game saves, dedicated servers, and the multiplayer clothing system.

There's more stuff planned that the studio has yet to talk about, and they're now going to stop rolling out smaller timed patches going forward. Oh, and in case you forgot, The Forest is finally coming out for PS4 later this year. 

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