The newest The Elder Scrolls Online chapter is titled Greymoor, and offers an all-new region, new world events, new mechanics, and vampire-hunting adventures (via WccfTech).

Harrowstorms are extremely dangerous world events that are besieging the island of Icereach. In the Harrowstorm DLC—coming out in March—players will explore the Unhallowed Grave for the source of the storms, and set off the sequences of events leading into the Greymoor chapter. 

Greymoor will continue the Dark Heart of Skyrim year-long storyline, taking the player to the Nord native lands that are under threat from a mysterious, dark entity. This has drawn scores of vampires and werewolves to the lands, and the Nords cannot stem the tide of death and destruction alone. On a more upbeat note, that means Markarth, Rorikstead, Morthal, Dragon Bridge, and Solitude will be added to the online game, though they’ll look rather different to the 2011 game, due to the time in which ESO is set.

“It’s really exciting for us because we get to go to that kind of nostalgia that players will know and expect out of going to western Skyrim, but also give them something new,” said creative director at ZeniMax Online Studios, Rich Lambert. “About 60 per cent of the playable land mass is western Skyrim and then the remaining 40 per cent is down in Blackreach.” As such, this chapter is “a little bigger overall than Elsweyr and Summerset.” Greymoor possesses a collection of quests, delves, public dungeons, world bosses, the Kyne’s Aegis trial, and harrowstorms, but you don’t need to finish the Harrowstorm DLC to get stuck in, which is nice. 

In addition, there’s the new antiquities activity. If you want to wind down from a long day of vampire-hunting and werewolf-herding, why not collect ancient artifacts throughout Tamriel? New features will let players scry for relics and uncover them in new minigames. Those who pre-order The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor will get Jarl Finery costume, Jarl Crown adornment, Sacrificial Pocket Mammoth pet, Treasure Maps, a Nightfall Preview Crown Crate, Experience Scrolls, and the Holdbreaker Warhorse mount. Those who snag the Greymoor Collector’s Edition get all of the above and a selection of unique physical and digital items.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor will launch for PC on May 18 and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 2. Watch the cinematic announcement trailer below. 


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