The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan unveils new multiplayer modes

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan unveils new multiplayer modes
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Supermassive Games has announced that upcoming spook em up The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is to recieve two multiplayer modes for you to enjoy the scares with friends.

First up, Shared Story mode will allow you to play through the story online with one other player. At times, you'll be working together playing as certain characters and making choices that will affect both players. However, at certain points you'll also split up to do your own part of the story independently from the other person – and you won't know what they're up to until you get back together; if you manage to make it back to each other at all.

The second mode is called Movie Night, and is a local, pass-the-controller mode, where up to five players may join in, each taking control of a different protagonist through the story. When the action switches to another character, you'll be encouraged to pass the controller to whoever's picked that character.

Speaking on the modes on the PlayStation Blog, The Dark Pictures series producer said the modes were heavily influenced by watching players take on Supermassive Games' earlier title, Until Dawn, saying the studio would 'get plenty of people telling us how much they enjoyed playing the game together with friends on the couch.'

'These both fed into the initial design of The Dark Pictures Anthology and we decided that along with story, characters and cinematic production values, multiplayer should be core to the series. In short we have built The Dark Pictures Anthology from the ground up with multiplayer in mind.'

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is set for launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on August 30.