Legendary RPG series The Bard's Tale is getting a full remaster for PC this year, developer inXile Entertainment has announced.

The Bard's Tale Trilogy kicks off next week with a completely spruced up edition of the original dungeon crawler classic, Tales of the Unknown, which launched back in 1985. All three games include the ability to play as a male and female character, enhanced visuals, and numerous quality-of-life gameplay tweaks.

You can also create a party in the first volume and use them in the remastered version of The Destiny Knight and Thief of Fate.

In addition, the nostalgia-scented Legacy Mode will be available for players to adjust the trilogy so that they play closer to the original 1980s versions.

'We were extremely limited in what we could do in the 1980s. This is an opportunity to truly realize the vision that the original dev teams had, and in some cases fix a few bugs that are over thirty years old. Even with all the challenges this project presented, we’re thrilled with how this has turned out, and we can’t wait for our fans to start playing this,' commented inXile's Brian Fargo.

The Bard's Tale Trilogy Remaster Volume One - Tales of the Unknown will launch for PC and GOG.com on August 14, with Destiny Knight and Thief of Fate arriving in autumn and winter, respectively.

Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep on PC, which launches on September 18.



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