The next game from thatgamecompany, creator of Journey, Flower and flOw, will "change the industry in a really positive way", a former designer at the LA studio has claimed.

"The New Game [thatgamecompany is] making isn't just something that you can casually abandon," wrote Asher Vollmer in a personal blog explaining his decision to leave the company to focus on being an independent game developer.

"Obviously I can't divulge any details about it, but... It's going to be huge. And I don't mean it's going to be a long sprawling game, I mean it's going to be an IMPORTANT game. I genuinely believe it's going to change the industry in a really positive way."

He added: "The Game is going to be incredible, but it is moving slowly. There are YEARS remaining on the project and, quite frankly, those are years I don't want to give up for a game that isn't truly mine."

Vollmer joined thatgamecompany as a game designer in 2012.

The developer's previous title Journey won several awards and became the fastest-selling title on PSN following its release last year.